I am fighting harder every day not to give up. I have had
my livelihood robbed from me. I am struggling in poverty
for the first time in my life. No, not debt; poverty.
I hear the secret committee to reduce the deficit is, as
Barney Frank put it, sucking their thumbs and in a
partisan standoff. It's as if the more the parties resemble
each other, the more they have to hold out on what they
don't yet have in common. They need guidance, we are
If the Republicans do not concede on the Bush tax cuts
we may
see the first tarring and feathering in over 200
years in this country. Don't they understand that America
is not a pig trough?
Obama shouldn't travel around the country if he can't give
us better leaders than Geithner and Bernanke.
Bernanke is visibly bored with quality of life issues, with
the question of income disparity, and with unemployment
issues, not seeming to feel he should be expected to do
any more about any of those things than bail giant banks
and lower interest rates. He only lights up when someone
asks him a technical question.
Meanwhile, I get up every morning in utter pain, in need of
medical care I have not been able to get since I was
ruined, looking for work while growing sicker and every
day and ridiculed by the likes of Cain and scum. Every day
I wonder if I will manage to land something before it is too
late from illness, preventable illness.
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